Hi, I'm Jonas

I unfold ideas into code

in case you like labels, I'm listing a few of them that would suit me well, like...

- software engineer

- web developer

- amateur creative coder

- traveller

- amateur photographer

- vegetarian

- earther

I like cold weather


I'm originally from Rio, Brazil, currently working remotely as a member of the Toptal core engineering team and travelling a lot in the meantime, mostly to cold places.

My main focus throughout my career has been web technologies, both backend and front-end, working on software architecture development for custom needs and also collaborating with designers on the creative process.

If you want to know more about me or get in touch:

GPG Public Key:



3055 2FFF 8CE5 A81B 84E4 D436 36D6 ADCB A7FE 1C8F